Antiphonal Swing: Selected Prose 1962-1987
  • Author: Eshleman, Clayton
  • Binding: Clothbound, sewn, jacketed
  • Pages: 228
  • Size: 6 x 9"
  • Pub. Year: 1989
  • ISBN: 0-914232-94-0
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Smyth-sewn, full-color jacket featuring a painting by Nora Jaffe.
Edited by Caryl Eshleman.
Introduction by Paul Christensen.

Thirty-four essays, interviews and prose poems by this famous poet and translator explore theories of the contextual fabric of World poetry, and describe the development of his own unique poetic vision in a penetrating re-evaluation of the roots of consciousness. This volume includes selections from Eshleman's dialogues with James Hillman as well as introductions from his two most important volumes of poetry. There is also a discussion of the narrative elements in Upper Paleolithic cave art; a provocative essay on the art of translation; and critical appraisals of such poets and artists as Gary Snyder, Leon Golub, William Bronk, Charles Olson and Allen Ginsberg.


Editor's Note
Author's Preface
Introduction by Paul Christensen

Terrain of the Residencias
A Visionary Note on Cesar Vallejo and William Blake
The Gull Wall
fron The Sixpack Interview
from The Atropos Interview
Thinking About Gary Snyder
Doing Caterpillar
from A Letter to American Poetry ReviewElizabeth Bishop
WIlliam Bronk
Charles Olson
Out Climbed Artaud
Golub the Axologl
Vatic Sores
Proteus, Poetic Experiment, and Apprenticeship
Placements I
A Note on Aime Cesaire
Introduction to Fracture
A Kind of Moisture on the Wall
Notes on a Visit to Le Tuc d'Audoubert
Seeds of Narrative in Paleolithic Art
A Visit from Hart Crane
The Bowery of Dreams
from An Interview with Gyula Kodolanyi
Response to Mary Kinzie
A Discussion with James Hillman on Psychology and Poetry>
Vallejo and the Indigenous
Aime Cesaire's Lost Body
The Translator's Ego
Placements II
Chapter 7 from Novices
The Stevens-Artaud Rainbow


"This selection of critical prose attests not only to the geographic, cultural, chronological and stylistic breadth of Eshleman's interests but also to his passionate and at times obsessional approach to 'what matters.'... The very antithesis of a scholarly handbook to the 'canon-making textbooks' he so abhors, this attractively edited volume of essays should be read, pondered, and even enjoyed... Provocative evaluations such as these are the very essence of responsible criticism."
-- Denver Quarterly

Clayton Eshleman is widely recognized as a major force in American poetry for his poetry (some 50 volumes since 1961), his translations (of Vallejo, Cesaire, Artaud, and many others), and the distinguished literary journals he has edited (Caterpillar and Sulfur)...


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