The Leaves of Fate
  • Author: Minkoff, George Robert
  • Binding: Clothbound DJ
  • Pages: 432
  • Size: 6x9"
  • Pub. Year: 2011
  • ISBN: 0-929701-82-8 / 978-0-929701-82-0
  • In Stock: Yes
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NOW AVAILABLE: Volume Three of the Epic Novel In the Land of Whispers



The Leaves of Fate is the third and final volume of an epic fictional chronicle, In the Land of Whispers. The three books present the extraordinary histories of the hero of Jamestown, Captain John Smith, and the great Elizabethan explorer before him, Sir Francis Drake. Smith's journals record the events of his own life, and reprise the tales told him around the campfires at Jamestown by Jonas Profit, an alchemist who accompanied Drake on his voyages.
In this final volume Smith is forced to return to England, never to set foot again in Jamestown. Profit has died, but not before passing along the final scenes of Drake's downfall, as well as that of Profit's teacher, the alchemist John Dee. Despite a subsequent expedition to map the New England coast, Smith is cast aside by the Virginia Company, and reduced to the role of a keening witness, all the while the colonies move inexorably toward becoming a slave economy built around the cultivation of tobacco. In London, Smith's reunion with Pocahontas in England is brief and bittersweet, but despite continuing hardship and neglect, Smith becomes the best-selling author of his time.
The first volume is concerned with initiation. The second volume with trial and expulsion. This final volume is the book of exile.

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"The Leaves of Fate is a great feast of a novel, full of vivid incident, memorable history, intrigue, and historical personages famous, infamous, notorious." -- Richard Ford

"George Minkoff is one of the bravest men alive. He has gambled that a three-part epic novel about 17th century Colonial America -- written in a language that mimics the speech of the time -- can hold the interest of 21st century readers and bring satisfactions and delights as a work of contemporary fiction. Remarkably enough, he has won his bet." -- Paul Auster

"One of the best known and least understood stories in America’s history is the fascinating, desperate saga of the founding of the Virginia colony, with the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas at its heart. The Leaves of Fate, like its two predecessors, stands head and shoulders above all previous attempts to tell this tale of nations and confusion, of hopes and betrayals, of noble and courageous actors—both red and white—on a stage worthy of Shakespeare.
"Minkoff’s epic trilogy succeeds in presenting a far from simple story. He understands the complex politics, and the ambiguous motives, not only of the English planters but also of the Native peoples of the period. And no one has granted the reader a better entrance into the mind, heart, and spirit of the passionate, practical, wondrously wordy, unyielding and iconoclastic John Smith.
"Each page of this most worthy conclusion to Minkoff’s magnificent journey is so beautifully written that I found it difficult to leave behind and not reread for the intoxication of its language.— Joseph Bruchac more...

George Robert Minkoff was raised on Long Island. He graduated from Clark University in 1965. For four decades he has been a noted antiquarian and rare book dealer living in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and New York City. Mr. Minkoff began writing plays in the late 1960s, but a decade later the publisher of Putnam, William Targ, urged him instead to write novels.

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