The Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories (cloth)
  • Author: Zoline, Pamela
  • Binding: Clothbound with Mylar Jacket
  • Pages: 224
  • Size: 6 x 9"
  • Pub. Year: 1988
  • ISBN: 0-914232-89-4
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Preface by Thomas M. Disch.

Latest Review: Roberto Ontiveros in San Antonio Current

Every once in a great while there appears a first book that captures the attention of a broad spectrum of readers, draws extraordinary praise from critics, and catapults the author overnight into an established presence. That is exactly what has happened with this collection.

This book presents two novellas (including "Sheep," which appeared first in our Likely Stories) and three long stories. Alongside her oft-anthologized story "The Heat Death of the Universe," will be found "Instructions for Exiting This Building in Case of Fire," "The Holland of the Mind," and "Busy About the Tree of Life." We're taken from the ontological recesses of Sarah Boyle's kitchen into an encyclopaedic cure for insomnia, and then find recounted what must surely be the most catastophic (and hilarious) geneology in modern fiction. All along the way, as the cultural detritus of Western Civ seeps in between the quotidian cracks, Zoline never loses sight of the personal dimensions of life.


"Nuclear war, obesity, failed marriages, kidnapped children -- threats of destruction haunt Ms. Zoline's imagination. She attacks those fears in fiction that revitalizes the labels 'post-modern' and 'feminist,' by lacing her work with a healthy dose of fantasy that links her to Angela Carter, her nearest literary sibling. ...these stories [are] richer and more astute than the bulkier work of most of [Zoline's] contemporaries."
-- New York Times Book Review

Biographical information on Pamela Zoline unavailable at the present time.


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