Sheer Fiction, Volume One (cloth)
  • Author: West, Paul
  • Binding: Clothbound
  • Pages: 224
  • Size: 6 x 9"
  • Pub. Year: 1987
  • ISBN: 0-914232-82-7
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Perhaps no one has reclaimed the indispensible value of creative fiction with greater verve, style and intellect than Paul West in this first of four collections which review a panoply of works written from around the world. These six essays and fifty reviews consider the works of such writers as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, Herman Hesse, Hermann Broch, Christa Wolf and Blaise Cendrars. An essential book for lovers of the twentieth-century novel.

"A Rocking Horse on Mars"
"The Shapelessness of Things to Come"
"The Fable's Manger"
"In Defense of Purple Prose"
"The Jazz of Consciousness"
"The Tiger in the Music Room, the Mollusk in the Zoo"

Juan Goytisolo, Mario Vargas Llosa, Carlos Fuentes, Alejo Carpentier, Mario de Andrade, Osman Lins, Julio Cortazar, Gabriel Garcia Marzuez, Jose Donoso, Augusto Roa Bastos, Ariel Dorfman, Hermann Broch, Hermann Hesse, Gunter Grass, Heinrich Boll, Uwe Johnson, Arno Schmidt, Christa Wolf, Peter Handke, Jakov Lind, Lautreamont, Blaise Cendrars, Louis Ferdinand Celine, Samuel Beckett, Michel Tournier, Andre Schwarz-Bart, Italo Calvino, Primo Levi, Witold Gombrowicz, Ludvik Vaculik, George Konrad, Vladimir Nabokov, William H. Gass, Walter Abish, Guy Davenport, Evan S. Connell, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Michael Ayrton, G.V. Desani

"Some of the essays focus on the provincialism and anti-intellectualism of American prose, which has preoccupied West since the late '60s. All three volumes [of Sheer Fiction] also include impassioned, playful, and rigorous accounts of writers West admires, including Spain's Juan Goytisolo, America's William Gass, and Germany's Thomas Bernhard. Volume I, the most substantial of the three, contains 'In Defense of Purple Prose,' a polemic that should be memorized by creative-writing students and critics alike."
-- Bill Marx, Boston Phoenix

British by birth, American for 30 years now, Mr. West has authored an array of imaginative novels -- including Rat Man of Paris, Lord Byron's Doctor, The Place in Flowers Where Pollen Rests, The Tent of Orange Mist -- along with such non-fiction works as...

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