Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964 - 1980 (deluxe cloth)
  • Author: Brakhage, Stan
  • Binding: Deluxe Clothbound with Mylar Jacket
  • Pages: 280
  • Size: 6-3/4 x 10"
  • Pub. Year: 1982
  • ISBN: 0-914232-47-9
  • In Stock: No
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Edited by Robert Haller.
Signed ltd. edition.
8 pages of film stills

In the course of making over 200 films during the past 35 years, Stan Brakhage has become almost synonymous with independent American filmmaking. This major collection of writings examines filmmaking in relation to social and political contexts, the nature of influence and collaboration, the aesthetics of personal experience, and the conditions under which certain films were made.Brakhage discusses his predecessors and contemporaries, relates film to dance and poetry, and in "A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book" provides a manual for the novice filmmaker. Lectures, interviews, essays, and many previously unpublished letters document Brakhage's personal vision and public persona. Brakhage Scrapbook includes a complete filmography, an eight-page photo section, selected catalogue descriptions of films, and a selected bibliography.
Brakhage's shortest complete film, "EYEMYTH," is included as the book's frontispiece.

"Brakhage Scrapbook is less an introduction to his films than a parallel discourse, much of which is a kind of free-for-all interaction with his aesthetic peer group (Charles Olson, Maya Deren, Sergei Eisenstein, Ezra Pound, D.W. Griffith, Gertrude Stein, and Leni Riefenstahl) that allows full rein to Brakhage's pugnacious, playful, erudite, ornery ... passion for movies."
-- Village Voice Literary Supplement

Stan Brakhage was one of the most influential of independent American filmmakers. From 1952 to 2003 he issued nearly 400 original films, ranging in length from a few seconds to several hours. Among his best known film works are "Dog Star Man," "The Act of Seeing with one's own eyes," ...


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