By Brakhage: An Anthology (dvd)
  • Author: Brakhage, Stan
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  • Size: 243 minutes
  • Pub. Year: 2003
  • ISBN: 1-55940-938-X
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Price: $40.00
Double dvd. 243 minutes, color/Black and white.

In By Brakhage: An Anthology, Criterion Collection presents 26 masterworks by Stan Brakhage in high-definition digital transfers made from newly minted film elements. For the first time on DVD, viewers will be able to look at Brakhage's meticulously crafted frames one by one.

Working completely outside the mainstream, Stan Brakhage made nearly 400 films. Challenging all taboos in his exploration of "birth, sex, death, and the search for God," Brakhage turned his camera on explicit lovemaking, childbirth, even actual autopsy. Many of his most famous works pursue the nature of vision itself and transcend the act of filming. Some, including the legendary Mothlight, were made without using a camera at all. Instead, Brakhage has pioneered the art of making images directly on film itself––starting with clear leader or exposed film, then drawing, painting, and scratching it by hand. Treating each frame as a miniature canvas, Brakhage might produce only a quarter- to a half-second of film a day, but his visionary style of image-making changed everything from cartoons and television commercials to MTV music videos and the work of such mainstream moviemakers as Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, and Oliver Stone.

The films in this collection were transferred from newly minted interpositives and fine-grain masters manufactured exclusively for this edition by Stan Brakhage's lifelong collaborator John Newall of Western Cine in Denver, Colorado. For each film, the new elements were struck in the film gauge of the original printing negative. The high- definition transfers were made on a Spirit Datacine under the supervision of scholar Fred Camper, who was selected by Stan Brakhage to ensure the accuracy of the recorded images. Although most of the films have no soundtrack, the five sound films in this collection were mastered at 24-bit from 16mm optical soundtracks. No filtering, noise reduction, or other restoration tools have been applied to any of the picture or sound elements.

"It was a sad twist of fate that filmmaker Stan Brakhage, whose career spanned five decades and nearly 400 films, passed away while Criterion's By Brakhage double disc anthology was completing production. But this set owes a lot to his enthusiasm and participation, and may turn out to be one of the most important offerings from The Criterion Collection as a well timed and loving tribute to the artist and his work."--Michael Jacobson DVD Central

Stan Brakhage was one of the most influential of independent American filmmakers. From 1952 to 2003 he issued nearly 400 original films, ranging in length from a few seconds to several hours. Among his best known film works are "Dog Star Man," "The Act of Seeing with one's own eyes," ...


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