Brakhage (dvd)
  • Author: Shedden, Jim
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  • Size: 75 minutes
  • Pub. Year: 1999
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Jim Shedden's film, BRAKHAGE, explores the depth and breadth of the Stan Brakhage's genius, the exquisite splendor of his films, his magic personal charm, his aesthetic fellow travelers, and the influence his work has had on generations of other creators.

While touching on significant moments in Brakhage's biography, the film celebrates Brakhage's visionary qualities, and explores the extraordinary artistic possibilities of cinema, a medium mostly known only for its commercial applications in the form of narratives, cartoons, documentaries, and advertising.

BRAKHAGE combines excerpts from Brakhage's films and films of other avant-garde filmmakers (eg, George Kuchar, Jonas Mekas, Willie Varela, Bruce Elder, and others); interviews with Brakhage, his friends, family, colleagues, and critics; archival footage of Brakhage spanning the past thirty-five years; and location shooting in Boulder, Colorado and New York.

BRAKHAGE is directed by Jim Shedden and produced by Alexa-Frances Shaw (who worked together on Michael Snow Up Close), and executive produced by Ron Mann (Twist, Comic Book Confidential, Imagine the Sound). An original score was composed for the film by long-time Brakhage associate and noted avant-garde composer James Tenney.

"Excellent! A reverent, hagiographic, even mystical portrait of the canonical avant-gardist."--Ed Halter, New York Press

Jim Shedden works in the Contemporary Art Department at the Art Gallery of Ontario. He wrote, co-produced and co-directed Michael Snow Up Close, a 45 minute video documentary on the work of the Canadian avant-garde filmmaker, and researched, wrote and hosted Independent Visions,...


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