Unquell the Dawn Now (standard)
  • Author: Kelly, Robert, Schuldt, Friedrich Holderlin
  • Binding: Slip Cased
  • Pages:
  • Size: 8 x 12"
  • Pub. Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-929701-57-7
  • In Stock: Yes
Price: $100.00

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2 Volumes.

In this unique book/text of serial homeophonic and literal translations, the great 18th-century German poet Hölderlin's mad symphonic poem, "Am Quell der Donau"--"At the Source of the Danube"--becomes the appropriate origin and metaphor for two contemporary poets' transformation and exploration of the German and English languages. There are five sections:

1) Hölderlin's poem
2) Kelly's homeophonic translation of (1)
3) Schuldt's literal translation of (2)
4) Schuldt's homeophonic translation of (3)
and 5) Schuldt/s literal translation of (4).

This 8 x 12" slip cased production consists of two volumes: A. One folder containing the accordion folded sheets of the stanzas of the whole cycle, each printed in a different color. These sheets are suitable for framing or performance situations. B. An eighty page, thread sewn volume in wrappers containing: 1) the poem cycle in all five voices set up for line-by-line comparison and printed in the same 5-color scheme as (A); 2) a radio play titled "Schallgeschwister" ("Sound Siblings") constructed by Schuldt from the poem cycle; 3) a descriptive afterword by Schuldt, en-face in English and German; and 4) a full-length CD containing the full performance of Schuldt's "Sound Siblings," realized at the studios of the Bavarian Radio.

Documentext has commissioned a literal translation of Hölderlin's poem by Susan Gillespie exclusively for this edition, permitting the English-speaking reader a starting point or contrasting conclusion. This unusual publication was produced by the noted printer/publisher Steidl in Göttingen, Germany, and published in the United States under the Documentext imprint of McPherson & Company in two strictly limited editions, totaling 176 copies:
§ The Standard Edition numbered 1-150 in gray slip-case.
§ The Deluxe Edition in marbled paper slip-case, lettered A-Z, signed by Schuldt and Robert Kelly, and containing an original holograph text by Robert Kelly. Twenty copies are available directly from McPherson & Company. Add to Cart

For additional information about both editions of this book, read or download our special catalogue: Robert Kelly Collaborations(PDF)


German conceptualist poet and chief mischief maker Schuldt & the unstoppable Robert Kelly enraptured an unsuspecting populace in a dervish of poetry at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church (NYC), with their homeophonic destruction of Friedrich Holderlin's "Am Quell der Donau." Now McPherson & Co. has published it as an exquisite Object.
-- ABOUT.com: The Human Internet: Contemporary Poetry (w/ Bob Hollman and Margery Snyder)

Robert Kelly was born in Brooklyn on September 24, 1935. He attended CUNY and Columbia University, and since 1961 has taught at Bard College...
Schuldt lives and works among languages. A poet, he is the author of 15 mostly German volumes, as well as accalimed radiophonic works,...

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