The Legend of Maya Deren: A Documentary Biography and Collected Works (v1, p2) (cloth)
  • Author: Clark/Hodgson/Nieman
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  • Pub. Year: 1988
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Index, bibliography.

Maya Deren lived an extremely vivid and complex forty-four years, from her birth in Russia in 1917 to her premature death in New York in 1961. She was not merely the author an exemplary work on Haitian Voudoun, Divine Horsemen, but is celebrated as "the mother of American experimental filmmaking." Her life touched a large number of people directly in many arts, and continues to reverberate to the present day.

In the early 1970s, three young women -- VeVe Clark, Millicent Hodson, and Catrina Neiman -- began a research project to discover the real woman behind the legend of Maya Deren. In addition, Francine Bailey Price directed the photography documentation for the project. The result is a very large, and probably unique publishing project, being undertaken by Anthology Film Archives in New York City. In effect, it amounts to an exhaustive presentation of actual research into Deren's life and work, documenting step by step her many guises and transitions. It is being presented in three volumes, the first of which has been published in two separately bound parts, so enumerated. The second volume is in production, and is expected to appear in 1997. The third volume is completed but not yet in production. Each of the four books comprising the work contains extensive commentary and annotation by the compilers, along with facsimile reproductions of many documents and transcriptions of others. Interviews are usually interwoven rather than presented whole. Many of Deren's theoretical and fugitive writings are presented as well.

Volume 1, Part Two
Chambers (1942 - 1947)

This part documents Deren's development as a filmmaker and contains film scripts, articles she wrote on filmmaking, her earliest publicity, reviews, and a facsimile reproduction of \x93An Anagram of Ideas on Art, Form and Film.\x94 Also included are correspondence, excerpts from production ledgers, many photographs by Deren herself, and interviews with friends and critics.


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