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Renato, the Painter -- by Eugene Mirabelli
The Isle of Kheria -- by Robert Cabot
Lord of Misrule -- by Jaimy Gordon
The Leaves of Fate -- by George Minkoff
The Absent Sea -- by Carlos Franz
Essential Brakhage: Selected Writings on Filmmaking -- by Stan Brakhage
Separations: Two Novels of Mothers and Children -- by Massimo Bontempelli

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And apart from the official description which follows, we're very pleased to provide an independent profile of the press as published in Rain Taxi magazine.

McPherson & Company is an independent literary and arts publishing company operated from Kingston, New York. I founded it in 1974 at Providence, Rhode Island, and moved to the Hudson Valley in 1977. It has been a full-time publishing house since 1984, and has issued over 140 editions of more than 90 titles by authors from around the country and around the world. The press specializes in four areas: contemporary fiction (mostly by American authors), great “lost” literary works from earlier in the century (our Recovered Classics series), non-fiction books dealing with contemporary art, film, aesthetics, and related cultural issues (usually presented under our Documentext imprint), and, finally, translations of a few distinguished authors of 20th century Italian, French, German fiction and non-fiction. We pay particular attention to the design and quality of our productions: the paper is acid free, the bindings are sewn, the hardcovers employ full cloth over sturdy boards, and our paperbacks are often jacketed. Our books are distributed by direct mail as well as through a select group of bookstores across the United States and through a few specialized dealers in Europe. They are also to be found in most major American libraries, public and academic, and are utilized widely in universities for courses in literature, art, philosophy (aesthetics), anthropology, and film. New titles are in preparation from Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Thomas McEvilley, Robert Kelly, Paul West, Jaimy Gordon, Mary Butts, Giorgio Manganelli, and Rudolph Borchardt.

Please note the following Key to book data: PAPERBACK for smyth-sewn with dust jacket; PERFECT BOUND for glue-binding (no jacket); CLOTHBOUND for hardcovers with printed dust jacket; CLOTHBOUND MJ for hardcovers with clear mylar jacket; and CLOTHBOUND DELUXE for limited editions (usually with a different cloth and/or end sheet, numbered and signed, etc.).

Additionally, we design, produce and distribute the publications of Saroff Editions, an affiliated operation; and from time to time we distribute books from other publishers. Occasionally we publish poetry books, but we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

The cover designs of our books usually employ existing work by distinguished artists and photographers. On occasion we have commissioned works, but we tend to discover appropriate artwork through suggestions from our authors. Special thanks are due to Berty Skuber (times three), Corliss Block (times three), Angelika Gilberg, Howardena Pindell, Pat Steir (times three), Gail Schneider, Herbert Migdoll, Charlotte Kelly, James Aitchison (twice over), Sergi Petrov, Harold Roth, Ricardo Vinos, and the late Nora Jaffe (endlessly), for lending us their talents and their work. We've also been fortunate in having author/artists; Ursule Molinaro's collages, and the paintings of Gianfranco Baruchello and Pamela Zoline, are used for their respective book jackets. The justly famous designer Paul Bacon has pulled us through on two occasions, and the Getty Museum generously permitted use of one of its Cezannes.

We control the re-publication and translation rights for most of the titles we publish and invite inquiries from interested parties, either via e-mail or telephone (845-331-5807).

Many of the publications described in these pages have been made possible with public funds from the literature program of the New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency.

Finally, a big thanks to David Oehlers and Wendy Reetz at GreenApple for this on-line catalogue.

Bruce R. McPherson 10/18/96; revised 8/26/03


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