How To Use Our Website

Welcome. We hope you find our website convenient and easy to use. And we always welcome your comments and suggestions. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our account and shopping cart procedures. You may wish to print a copy for later reference. Please note that there is a specific Ordering Information button on the homepage for your convenience. And for specialized information regarding shipping, returns, payment, and privacy and security, please go to Policy. Our site utilizes secure socket technology to protect your information.

If you are a first time user, please Register for an account in order to make purchases. Registration only takes a moment of your time: simply enter a valid email address and any password of your choosing. Everyone is welcome to sign up, but you do not have to register in order to browse the entire site, and at no time are you under any obligation.

Once registered you may log into the website using the "Login" link found at the top of every page. If you have logged in, but are finished, log out by clicking the "Logout" link found at top. (Be especially sure to logout if you are using a shared computer.)

Again, you can view McPherson & Company's books without registering or logging in. Simply browse through the title/author/category indexes, or access the category hierarchy by clicking "Browse Catalog". Or "Search" the entire catalog for a product with a specific author, subject, keyword, or characteristic. Return at any time to the McPherson & Company home page by clicking the "Home" link at the top.

Assembling a Cart
Shopping is easy. When you've found a book you want, simply click on the "Add To Cart" link located to the right of the price. For additional product detail before adding it to your cart, click the title. There, on the details page, you will also see an "Add To Cart" link.

Adding an item to your cart immediately brings you to the "Show Cart" window. Here you will see a list of all items currently in your shopping cart, along with their price, quantity, total (price times quantity), and the cart subtotal. You may update the quantity of an item by changing the value and clicking the "Refresh" button located beneath. To remove an item from your cart, simply set its quantity to zero (0) and click Refresh. To continue searching the catalogue, click Back on your browser.

Checking Out
The check-out process will be simplified (and shipping of your order will be expedited) by the addition of credit card information and address books, if you so choose. Credit card and address information can be stored by entering "My Account" when you are logged in, or as a result of previous orders if you elected to maintain such information in our secure database. (If you are not paying for your order by credit card, please do not send your check or money order until after receiving an e-mail request from us.)

To check out you must be in the cart window: click "Show Cart" at the top of any page to bring up the cart window. Then make certain that what you have placed in your cart are the items you wish to purchase, and click "Check Out" at the bottom left. The Check Out Process then consists of 4 easy steps:

  1. Verification. You will be asked to verify your login information, even if you are already logged in, as a security precaution.
  2. Shipping Info You will be asked to provide shipping information. If you have no addresses saved, enter your shipping address information. You can check "Remember Address" at the bottom of the screen to save this address for future use. If you have saved addresses already, you may select one of them instead of retyping. Select your desired Shipping Method from the list provided. Click "Continue."
  3. Payment / Billing Info You will then be asked to choose a payment method and provide a billing address. Credit card information is sent across a secure connection for your protection; however, you are also welcome to pay by check or money order. If paying by credit card, you can check "Remember CC" in the Paying section to store this credit card for future use. You may provide a separate billing address, again with the option to "Remember Address," select an existing address, or use the Shipping address you provided in Step 2. Click "Continue."
  4. Confirmation Verify that all the information provided is complete and accurate. If anything appears incorrect, use your browser's "Back" button to return to previous screens. To complete your order, click "Submit" on this screen: this places your order with McPherson & Company. If you receive an error message, please back up and correct the information. Pay particular attention to credit card information, number and expiration date. Provided there were no errors encountered, you will see an "Order Submitted" page. Please print a copy for your records.

Accessing Your Account
Once you have logged-in you will see a "My Account" link appear at the top of the page. This is, indeed, your private account. You can visit "My Account" at any time to manage:

  1. Account Settings Through "Modify" you can update your name and e-mail address; opt to "Remember" your logged in state, indefinitely, until you either "logout" of our system or delete your browser's cookies; allow the addition of your own tracking number in the form of a Purchase Order number to any order by activating "Ask for PO"; and select a "Default Country" to use when entering address information and to predetermine available shipping methods for faster checkout. You can also "Change Password" at any time. To modify account settings you must verify your current password, if you have forgotten your password, please feel free to contact us.
  2. Address Book and Credit Cards Addresses and Credit Card information stored in your account is available during checkout to help speed up the checkout process. When entering shipping and billing information at checkout, opting to "Remember Address" or "Remember CC" will add new entries to these lists.
  3. Orders A complete history of orders--including sales, RFQs, and quotes--are available 24/7 for your convenience. Once an order has been processed by us, you will see that it has moved from "Placed" to "Completed" status (at which point you may no longer modify it). To easily find any order, you can "filter" the list by date, transaction number, type, status, total, as well as other parameters. Click on "shw" [show] to see the detailed invoice, "mod" [modify] to make changes to unprocessed orders, "app" [approve] to approve a quote or pending order, "can" [cancel] to cancel uncompleted orders, and "cpy" [copy] to copy an order to a new shopping cart (if you wish to duplicate a previous order).
    Note: Order Total may vary depending on status. For example, an unshipped order may not include shipping charges in the total, depending upon any special shipping instructions, etc. For RFQs, Total only reflects the products with known prices, actual total will be given in the returned Quote.
  4. Payments/Credits. A complete history of your payments and credits are available at "My Account" 24/7. To easily find a payment or credit you can "filter" the list by date, transaction number, payment method, or amount. Click on "shw" to see the payment/credit details.

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