Reviews -- Unquell the Dawn Now

German conceptualist poet and chief mischief maker Schuldt & the unstoppable Robert Kelly enraptured an unsuspecting populace in a dervish of poetry at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church (NYC), with their homeophonic destruction of Friedrich Holderlin's "Am Quell der Donau." Now McPherson & Co. has published it as an exquisite Object.
-- The Human Internet: Contemporary Poetry (w/ Bob Hollman and Margery Snyder)
Another multi-media project--and perhaps the most intriguing publication of this fall--is Unquell the Dawn Now, a poem cycle originating from Holderlin's symphonic poem "Am Quell der Donau" ("At the Source of the Danube") by the contemporary poets Robert Kelly and Schuldt. Consisting of a series of homeophonic and literal translations (beginning with Kelly's homeophonic translation of the Holderlin), a radio play, and a full-length CD, it's a bizarre and fascinating examination of poetry and translation and the German and English languages--one of the rare instances in which Die Sprache really may sprechen.
-- BOOKS & CO.: Off the Wall Fall 1999 (by Steve Varni)

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