Reviews -- Thirteen

"The frame of reference in many of the stories in Ursule Molinaro's 13 is the normal, everyday, middle-class world. ... The only thing is, most of her characters live at the very edge of the frame, where the slightest wrong move can tip them out of the picture altogether. Off into some high-literary Twilight Zone that, these stories suggest, lies waiting just the slightest gesture away. ... There's a wry gallows humor here that can be pretty wicked."
-- City Paper, Baltimore
"The characters [Ursule Molinaro] creates are unique, fascinating, frightening, and exciting. So is this collection of stories."
-- Bookpaper
"A collection of ostensibly simple, sometimes outlandish tales given unusual power by their clarity of incident, emotional compression, and startling imagery."
-- Belles Lettres
"Sexual tension -- the confused, hungry, stoppered-up sexual drives of solitary middle-aged women -- is a recurring motif in Thirteen , turning [Molinaro's] women into late-summer strangers unto themselves."
-- New York Press and Baltimore's City Paper
"Molinaro's stories hex and delight us. And make us shiver."
-- Review of Contemporary Fiction
"It is rare indeed to come upon a book which provides grand entertainment while we learn how to re-evaluate human mores from cannibalism to virtue, from sex to death."
-- Marianne Hauser

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