Reviews -- Art & Discontent: Theory at the Millennium

"This is not a collection of past articles but a carefully assembled volume... In the last essay, 'Father the Void,' McEvilley offers what could well become a credo for '90s art criticism: 'The critic will come to see art as culture and culture as anthropology. Anthropology in turn will increasingly become a means of critiquing one's own inherited cultural stances rather than firing value judgments in all directions.'"
-- Arts
"Each of the six essays offered here... represents the author's ambitious attempt to demonstrate that contemporary criticism maintains a place in the continuum of the history of ideas."
-- Journal of Art
"Illuminating and insightful rather than analytic and argumentative."
-- Small Press Book Review
"The sort of wide-angle view of contemporary art that can help bring some of the barking and bickering [about post-Modernism] into perspective."
-- New York Press
"A thoroughly useful lantern in the bramble, a clear call for attention to meaning in art."
-- Cover
"...McEvilley is opting for a new metaphysics in which content rises above the banality of empty elitism."

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