Reviews -- The Taverner Novels

[Reviews of the original publication of Armed with Madness]:

"Crazy as they are, Miss Butts' young people are a fascinating 'bunch.' The book is brilliant and subtle ... [and] might be described as Henry James in the idiom of 1928."
-- Time
"A sophisticated and most exquisitely written fantasy. ... There is no doubt that Miss Butts is a poet and a writer of often distinguished prose. And once you enter her world ... what goes on become exciting and unpredictable, Aldous Huxley and William Blake walking hand in hand, with what results one can perhaps imagine."
-- The New York Times
"A slightly mad elliptic novelette dealing with the mutual impacts of a set of young post-war English people who are sophisticated almost to the point of frenzy."
-- The Nation

[Reviews of the original publication of Death of Felicity Taverner]:

"This is an intellectual shocker of the first order. It is more than that, however. There is a tremulous beauty in all the descriptions of landscape ... and the memory of the dead woman hangs about the pages like a perfume."
-- London Sunday Times
"Miss Butts has never written with such mastery... The drama of the soul's conflict is boldly supported by her use of scenic background, the deep peace and threatening power of our West Country coastland... A work of art."
-- The Observer (1993)
"One of the memorable novels of the year."
-- Manchester Guardian (1932)

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