Reviews -- Antiphonal Swing: Selected Prose 1962-1987

"This selection of critical prose attests not only to the geographic, cultural, chronological and stylistic breadth of Eshleman's interests but also to his passionate and at times obsessional approach to 'what matters.'... The very antithesis of a scholarly handbook to the 'canon-making textbooks' he so abhors, this attractively edited volume of essays should be read, pondered, and even enjoyed... Provocative evaluations such as these are the very essence of responsible criticism."
-- Denver Quarterly
"Organized to highlight Eshleman's progress from defining his own sphere of freedom by shedding the conventions of thought and behavior that he had been raised with... The title suggests the yin/yang dialectic involving such pairs as poetry and prose, and the erotic and the artistic, by which [Eshleman's] ideas, style, and self developed."
-- The Small Press Book Review

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