Reviews -- Siren Songs & Classical Illusions

"A collective odyssey of the contemporary ruling class, with places as varied as Los Angeles, southern France and Central America being the equivalents of classical settings. Drawing on Greek, biblical, medieval and Incan mythologies, the author uses a number of first-person narrative voices that are sensitive to mythic occurences in daily life, presenting not one-to-one correspondences but 'illusions' in which the mythic past seems always present.... Ironic and tinged with a witty cynicism, all are composed in a stylized and captivating prose."
-- New York Times Book Review
"These stories are much more than re-workings of classical themes. The are powerful, terse contemporary statements. The titles, such as 'Dafne,' 'Ikaros,' 'Cheiron,' give the illusion of classical points on our twentieth-century compass rose, and in the illusion lies the irony that gives these stories an extra dimension."
-- The Short Story Review
"Kessler's inventions are never pedantic parables of thinly cloaked allegories. Much more, each of these fully developed little pieces brings alive, if not quite the truth, then at least a situation where it might be found today."
-- Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review
"The stories have sharp-edged wit: the irony is trenchant, the intelligence incisive, the writing stylish."
-- Publishers Weekly
"Kessler's fiction is fluent, swift, salty, spare. It is intelligent without fuss or headeaches, without manipulation. No big production, no heavy effects. Delightful stories. First rate."
-- Saul Bellow

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