Reviews -- Shamp of the City-Solo

"Style is what matters most here...but the clear and simple lines of the plot reinforce and emphasize the style...Even at its most visual, Jaimy Gordon's style goes beyond, or beside, the visual and achieves its most remarkable tones, not so much in our mind's eye, as where the intellect dances among words...I think it gloriously funny. I think it also wise, both under and on the surface -- after four or five times through it I begin to suspect it may be inexhaustible."
-- Keith Waldrop, Margins
"Something new in the great free-wheeling tradition of Petronius, Rabelais, Swift. Fantasy and good sense blended in a laughing satire on the state of the arts today, with as outrageous a cast of rascals as ever lied the truth... I like it immensely."
-- Hayden Carruth
"To say Ms. Gordon is fertile with metaphor is to only hint at her abilities; examples burst with prolific abandon from every page... Gordon's novel remains foremost a comic triumph."
-- Aspect
"When I first read this novel I thought it far ahead of most new writing. I feel the same upon a later reading. I'm struck by its originality, its loving cynicism, its irony, its poetic force."
-- William Goyen
"Certainly one of the most impressive and inventive novels to appear in several decades."
-- Boston Globe

"One afternoon late in September of 2036 Boz and his nephew Mickey were browsing in the Strand.
'Oh look,' said Mickey, 'here's that book you were telling me about, Shamp of the City-Solo.'
'Buy it,' said Boz.
Mickey read the blurbs on the back cover and frowned. 'It seems too kind of . . . um, intellectual for me.'
'Not at all,' said Boz in his most authoritative manner. 'It's certainly not a book for nincompoops, and you won't enjoy it unless you have a feeling for language. But that's only to say it's a good novel.'
'"An Underground Classic," it says on the cover,' Mickey observed, still indecisive.
'Never mind what they say on the cover. It's fun and it's beautiful. Your mother loved it when she was your age. You really ought to read it.'
'Well, if you say so,' said Mickey.
'I do,' said Boz."
--Tom Disch

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