Reviews -- Cat Scratch Fever

"Poet, novelist, storyteller, essayist, linguist, he is the joker in the deck of post-modernist writing. Thanks to the small presses, he has about 50 published works to his name. Like Cat Scratch Fever, they are full of signs and wonders."
-- New York Times Book Review
"Such a variety prevails in Cat Scratch Fever that it would be a difficult and perhaps false effort to synthesize an organizing theme. In addition to the Eastern metaphysical concerns with illusion and desire, Western alchemical imagery prevails -- earth and air, fire and water (the soul's watery nature is a recurrent image, reflecting the fluidity of Kelly's voice).... It is this stuff -- sparkling, multiform, yet indivisible -- that is at the heart of this collection, and that joins the seemingly disparate pieces, just as a chain of separate islands may in fact be only the visible tips of a single volcanic submarine range. The molten ore they spew shares a single source, but Kelly has hammered the cooling stuff into a myriad of dazzling forms."
-- American Book Review
"A noteworthy collection from an exceptionally talented and prolific writer."
-- Los Angeles Times
"Kelly invades our senses, bringing us to places in consciousness where we have never been and where we yearn to go."
-- Publishers Weekly
"An altogether remarkable range of style and subject matter. ... A lovely prose-music."
-- Washington Post Book World
"A beautifully crafted ode to our contemporary world. ... In [Kelly's] capable hands, this world is as complex as it is now elegantly shaped."
-- Review of Contemporary Fiction

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