Reviews -- The Pooles of Pismo Bay

"A secret masterpiece. ...Here is a book that alternately upholds the bourgeoisie as the end-all, and as infernally corrupt; the lumpen-proletariat as worthless pawns of revolutionaries..., and simultaneously the only people worth saving; religiosity and atheism as virtually interchangeable; the American labor movement as a scam of the owners and also as an uplifting force; and the Wobbly cause itself as a worthy melange of transcendence, idiocy, nobility, thoughtlessness and compassion."
-- Hudson Valley Literary Supplement

"This fictionalized view of the history of the IWW includes real characters, such as Emma Goldman, the American anarchist. The complexity of the political arguments in this novel make it suitable for mature readers interested in the history of labor movements."
-- Vandelia VanMeter, American in Historical Fiction: A Bibliographic Guide

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