Reviews -- North of Yesterday

"There are passages of demented fustian grandeur that read like the nightmares of the great gothic maniacs like Poe, Rimbaud, Lautremont and Baudelaire. And others that remind you of the great surrealists of this century--Burroughs, Celine, Patchen, Artaud."
-- City Paper (Baltimore)
"McEvilley has created a book that is a dream, a dream that is a book, and the reader who enters its pages does so by surrendering the conventional comfort afforded by reliance on a linear exposition of reality.... Alternately erotic and obscene, gorgeous and empurpled, North of Yesterday may remind some of the fiction of John Hawkes; in any event, its achievement will doubtless be taken by some as a truly remarkable one that amply rewards the investment of attention it demands."
-- Choice
"The pleasure in reading North of Yesterday is the pleasure of reading, not that species of remembering we call 'plot.' ...I like well the amplitude and registrations and remembrances [McEvilley] has brought to tell a story that is, when you get down to it, painfully simple. I like this book... [McEvilley's] images dance round and slap our faces, our meek modern faces.... A powerful novel."
-- Review of Contemporary Fiction

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