Reviews -- The New Moon with the Old Moon in Her Arms

"In a learned, readable style, Molinaro makes up a feminist fiction finally human and moving. ...[A] historical fiction, written in a postmodernist fragmented style (which mostly works), about a woman who's full of 'causes that concerned me only as fillers for my audienceless, loveless life' and who comes finally to a tragic maturity."
-- Kirkus Reviews
"A nameless poet narrates this account of her year in waiting as a Thargelia bride in ancient Greece. ...With interesting digressions on topics ranging from the lunar calendar to men's fashion to natural medicine, this suspenseful narrative deserves a place in women's fiction collections."
-- Library Journal
"Molinaro alternates passages from the poet's diary with lengthy disquisions on Greek culture, from moon worship to medicine, revealing repeatedly how the female aspects of that culture have dropped from our view. These veritable footnotes lend the diary a historical context that in turns gives considerable resonance to the book's ending."
-- Publishers Weekly
"A fascinating book, distinguished by its simple and graceful prose."
-- Metro Times Literary Quarterly

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