Reviews -- More Than Meat Joy: Complete Performance Works & Selected Writings

"It is a beautifully produced book, filled with the vivaciousness and ebullience so characteristic of Schneemann's work."
-- American Book Review
"More Than Meat Joy is a book of greater significance than could be demonstrated through art or literary criticism. It is a first, and therefore unique. It is the first compilation of the work of one of the most original performance artists, herself perhaps the most complete."
-- Umbrella
"The subjectivity of the autobiographical form, the vulnerability and exposure of the first person text with all the emotional nakedness of Schneemann's style intact, provide us with a very direct access to the organic quality of the work itself... More Than Meat Joy is an impressive work and should be required reading for all art students, male and female alike."
-- New Women's Times Feminist Review
"A solid dossier of an original work in progress."
-- Lawrence Alloway, Art in America
"Schneemann's kinetic theater offers the best in happenings, contact improvisation, and body art -- a landmark oeuvre relevant to dance, visual arts, poetry, and aesthetics. Her controversial intermedia (1962-1978) addresses issues of the times -- nudity and sexuality, sexism, art, and politics. 'Fling it out and pull in the nets: expect to be surprised'..."
-- Booklist
"More Than Meat Joy is a powerfully instructive book, detailing the difficulties as well as the triumphs of a politically engaged art. As a work of art in its own right, it seems to me as historically persuasive and timely a document as any around today."
-- Henry Sayre, Minnesota Review

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