Reviews -- How to Imagine: A Narrative on Art and Agriculture

"If you can imagine Marcel Duchamp as a farmer, you'll begin to catch the flavor of this wry, idiosyncratic work, in which the day-to-day concerns of husbandry are wonderfully intertwined with a series of intense, insightful meditations on the possibilities of art."
-- Donald Barthleme
"Baruchello's spirited monologue starts from earth and extends into politics, Duchamp, the soul, Christo, bees, feminism, lettuce and death... He is not only an original and intuitive thinker but funny and charming."
-- Donald Hall, New York Times Book Review
"This is a very good book... it is a book on how to take a farm and strip away all the imaginary concepts our culture has laid on it and see what it really is. It never gets second-hand and it never gets artistically false."
-- Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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