Reviews -- Erewhons of the Eye:
Samuel Butler as Painter, Photographer, & Art Critic

"As Elinor Shaffer demonstrates in her stimulating study, Butler was not just the debunker of Victorian values in The Way of All Flesh or the pessimistic, satiric prophet manque of Erewhon, Erewhon Revisited and The Fair Haven, but an artist, photographer, innovative art critic, and provocative classical scholar . . . her achievement lies not just in the fact that she has greatly widened our knowledge of the man's interests and their context within the history of ideas, but in having produced a work of cultural history which, in the spirit of Butler himself, splendidly denies the possibility of neatly classifying either the individual, or the whole tendency of late Victorian aesthetic life"
--Times Literary Supplement
"As this critical-biographical study makes clear, Butler was ... a pioneering photographer, an interesting minor painter, and an important force in art criticism."
-- Washington Post Book World
"A significant addition to the literature on Butler [and] to the broader fields of Victorian art, photography, scholarship and culture, and to the relationship between pictorial and literary creativity."
-- Choice
"Though Butler's name may be unfamiliar to today's American audiences [for photography], he emerges as a major artistic influence of the pre-Modern era."
-- Daile Kaplan, Photographia
"Erewhons of the Eye is an unusual, subtle and exceptionally interesting book"
--Times Higher Educational Supplement

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