Reviews -- Why Duchamp: An Essay on Aesthetic Impact

"Through the words of Baruchello, the great preconceptual master of early modernism suddenly becomes accessible... One is convinced after reading Baruchello and Martin's account of Duchamp that it is still possible to unlearn the terrible burden of art imposed by scholarship that is often completely removed from the source."
-- Robert C. Morgan, Afterimage
"The mind that emerges from these pages is playful, allusive, witty, surprising, unpretentious and iconoclastic... [a] scintillating book."
-- Calvin Tomkins, New York Times Book Review
"This is a wonderful little book about Marcel Duchamp that is rich in anecdotal material and insightful analysis of the artist's ideas... Baruchello takes us to the 'other side' as he reminisces about Duchamp and in doing so helps us understand Duchamp by making him more mysterious. A paradox? Of course."
-- The Arts Education Review of Books
"Baruchello advances thoughtful criticism of Duchamp's work while asserting its lasting vitality. Recommended."
-- Library Journal
"Neither a biography nor critical treatise, this essay is a lively and informal search for the elusive power of 'the first great master as an impressario of the bizarre' -- a lovely little book."
-- Rosellen Brown

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