Reviews -- Art & Otherness: Crisis in Cultural Identity

"One of the best-ever contributions to the discussions of multiculturalism."
-- Atlanta Journal & Constitution
"In 10 invigorating essays... he assails formalist modernism as a moribund project and seeks ways of relating to the culturally "other" free of Eurocentric bias... [T]hese erudite essays reward and challenge with their overarching vision of a global artistic culture."
-- Publishers Weekly
"McEvilley builds his arguments so deliberately that only the most careful reader can challenge his points. ...McEvilley is a fine writer, and these books contribute powerfully to critical debates without closing them."
-- L.A. Reader
"The central point in Art & Otherness is that Modernism and formalism are deeply wrapped up with colonialism. Charting out a post-Modern, postcolonial world has become McEvilley's driving passion, but this does not mean he has lost interest in what individual artists are accomplishing... In the absence of a working time machine, those eager to know how scholars of tomorrow will see us could not do better than to read Art & Otherness."
-- Artforum International
"Even if one is not willing to accept Modernism as wholly toxic, or multiculturalism as entirely redemptive, we must regard Art & Otherness as an import contribution, both philosophically and historically, to the way in which we view the production and exhibition of visual objects."
-- American Book Review

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