Reviews -- The Autobiography of Cassandra, Princess & Prophetess of Troy

"Molinaro's tender and subtly polemical reconstruction of the Iliad is a great book to read for its exploration of the themes that educated thousands of generations in the West, of women's role in every socieity, of mother/daughter legacies. Its irreverent take on the most famous war and its starkly moving female voices are closer to my heart than any in Homer..."
-- Euridice, American Book Review
"All those who know and love myth, who understand the role it plays in our contemporary consciousness, will be moved by Molinaro's poetic revision of Homer's story."
-- Los Angeles Times
"There are amazing similarities between Molinaro's Cassandra and the Cassandra novel of the German writer Christa Wolf, which it predates by four years.... [E]ven for the reader without much knowledge or interest in the old myths, Molinaro provides a diverse array of interpersonal relationships that often touch a sensitive contemporary nerve in the network that encompasses men, women and power."
-- Review of Contemporary Fiction
"A witty and moving novel...complete with gods, Greeks, Trojans, and a cast of thousands. Experimental novelist Molinaro's theory of the overthrown Trojan matriarchy is fascinating, and her prose is a pleasure."
-- Ms. magazine
"An original and convincing theory of the hows and whys of the low status of women in Greek society, a paradoxical fact that has often puzzled students of a literature so rich in strong female roles. ...A book to be read for personal pleasure, for exploration of mother/daughter themes, and of potential use in women's studies courses."
-- Library Journal
"A witty, tender, and courageous reconstruction... The narrative holds interest well regardless of the reader's previous knowledge -- or lack of knowledge -- of classical sources."
-- Choice

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