Reviews -- Blue

"As this masterful new novel opens, Ricki Jones is at the site of the plane crash that killed her twin sister, Israellen. The book then retreats into an intricate series of flashbacks that reveal the complicated relationships of the main characters from 1945 to the 1980s. ...The story of these strong and determined women becomes a meditation on loss -- loss of life and love, of innocence, of a dream."
-- Publishers Weekly
"From the moment Ricki Jones' sister is zipped up in a body bag on page one, Ohio grabs you. She never lets go throughout a novel that is a veritable blues in prose. As the novel progresses, each of the principal female characters picks up the theme and, playing the instruments of memory and dreams, repeats it from her variant perspective, moving the novel forward to the rhythm of her own life. ...[A] haunting and melancholy literary song whose strains linger long after the last page."
-- Booklist
"By turns funny, sad, angry and wise, Ohio's endearing third novel employs sharp vignettes and a ping-pong chronology that bounces wildly through the last few decades. ...Racism is a pervasive force in the Joneses' lives Ohio deftly places its dream-deflating power in a larger cultural context, then draws on it to help define her characters... Classic black music, from such performers as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Little Richard, provides a more salubrious and joyful force..."
-- The Plain Dealer
"Blue is a lament for the difficulties of love and reconciliation; the bluesy strains of Ohio's prose stay with you after her song is over."
-- Belles Lettres

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