Reviews -- I, Benjamin, by Theodore Enslin

"Enslin writes himself a life, a melodious, ideal and legendary one, a dream life that comes to the man-child when he decides to make art his life. This tale is charming, and is, besides, a marvelous recipee for making oneself a life out of words. The reader roams this confined paradise until it suddenly opens, and then one wants to stay." -- Andrei Codrescu
"Enslin's story, a pilgrimage from 'Exurbia' to solitary life in the woods and his subsequent journey back, is reminiscent of Thoreau. The narrative, which approaches allegory, oscillates between a dreamy sublimity and Spartan intention. Running through this ethereal story are more austere currents: the limitations of time and body, and the despair of loneliness. Fans of the poet will of course be fascinated by the journey, but more broadly, this exploration offers an intriguing sojourn to those interested in metaphysical travel or in the life cycle of an artist." --ForeWord Reviews (April 2010), Jen Sperry-Steinorth
"There are many choices and routes through life and few of them are ever clear. I, Benjamin is the story of a traveler with unique abilities, and the choices he makes as he encounters others like him along his journey. Faced with the unknown, author Theodore Enslin hopes to discuss our choices and the unknown thoroughly in his writing. I, Benjamin is a poignant and recommended read." -- Midwest Book Review
"Life and death, love and loss, alienation, the meaning of existence, and the ephemeralness of all the above are covered in avant-garde poet Theodore Enslin's dreamlike fable I, Benjamin, the tale of a man's journey through a mysterious, mercurial world. The thin tome ventures into Siddhartha territory, but no need for Cliffs Notes. It's 61 pages of lyrical, thought-provoking writing." -- Ben Minton, Shelf Unbound

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