Reviews -- The Diary of A.O. Barnabooth

"This beguiling novel [originally published in 1924] traces the misadventures and romantic exploits of the 23-year-old A.O. Barnabooth... as he wanders across pre-World War I Europe by train. Barnabooth has liquidated his fortune to pursue a luxurious, existentialist life, meditating on himself and the world, listening to stories told by chance companions, living out of a single suitcase -- albeit one filled with currency."
-- Washington Post Book World
"On one hand it's a sly and clever evocation of Edwardian high society, that last gasp of European aristocracy that was blown to smithereens by the Great War. At the same time, it's quite modern in spirit, not an antique read at all. Which is exactly how Larbaud planned it."
-- New York Press
"The book is a sparkling one from beginning to end and there is a deal of profound observation in it. It is unique among diaries, the sort of thing that is based on a philosophical concept."
-- New York Times [1924]
"Larbaud writes self-conscious, decadent and hilarious prose..."
-- Publishers Weekly
"Barnabooth's reflections are subtle, his desires intelligible, his style exquisite."
-- Saturday Review [1924]
"Ably translated by Gilbert Cannan, The Diary of A.O. Barnabooth is simply wonderful reading!"
-- Midwestern Book Watch

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