Reviews -- From Altar to Chimney-piece

"Mary Butts's stories...are bright and amazingly contemporary about social issues we may think of as belonging to the '90s: homosexuality, alcoholism, suicide, divorce... Some of the stories are hilarious...All have a knifesharp awareness of social inequities... Reading Mary Butts is a lot like visiting an amusement park. Every ride is a new sensation, and even though some make you a little dizzy, there is a magical dazzle in them all."
-- New Letters Book Reviewer
"With its publication [From Altar to Chimney-piece] Butts joins my pantheon of great eccentric writers such as Jane Bowles, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Henry Green and Denton Welch. Her prose is simultaneously hallucinatory and banal...Reading her you feel on the verge of waking from an unrelatable dream -- the detail is realistic, the meaning seems just about to arrive, the sentences are fresh and demented. Butts is a daffy mystic; her work suddenly moves from the batty to the sublime."
-- Michael Silverblatt, L.A. Style
"These stories, in their first American publication, will delight readers who enjoy the experimental and the strange...In these lyrical, haunting stories, many readers will discover -- or rediscover -- the forgotten genius of Mary Butts."
-- Small Press

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