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Ableman, Paul
I Hear Voices
Tornado Pratt
Arseniev, V.K.
Dersu the Trapper: A True Account
Red Moon/Red Lake
The Menaced Assassin
The Other Planet
Baruchello, Gianfranco & Henry Martin
How to Imagine: A Narrative on Art and Agriculture
Why Duchamp: An Essay on Aesthetic Impact
Blondel, Nathalie
Mary Butts: Scenes from the Life
Bontempelli, Massimo
Separations: Two Novels of Mothers and Children
Borchardt, Rudolf
The Passionate Gardener
Brakhage, Stan
Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964 - 1980
By Brakhage: An Anthology
Essential Brakhage: Selected Writings on Filmmaking
Film at Wit's End: Eight Avant-garde Filmmakers
Telling Time: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker
Burns, Gerald
Toward a Phenomenology of Written Art
Butts, Mary
Ashe of Rings and Other Writings
From Altar to Chimney-piece -- Selected Stories
The Classical Novels -- The Macedonian and Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra
The Complete Stories of Mary Butts
The Taverner Novels -- Armed with Madness and Death of Felicity Taverner
Cabot, Robert
That Sweetest Wine
The Isle of KherĂ­a
Castle, Frederick Ted
Carolee Schneemann: Early & Recent Work
Gilbert Green: The Real Right Way to Dress for Spring
Castle, Frederick Ted & Julia Ballerini
Carolee Schneemann: Early & Recent Work
The Legend of Maya Deren: A Documentary Biography and Collected Works
Cowell, Henry
Essential Cowell: Selected Writings on Music
Dahlberg, Edward
The Leafless American and Other Writings
Deren, Maya
Divine Horsemen dvd
Divine Horsemen video
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti
Essential Deren: Collected Writings on Film
Experimental Films
Desani, G.V.
All About H. Hatterr
Hali and Collected Stories
Enslin, Theodore
I, Benjamin
Eshleman, Clayton
Antiphonal Swing: Selected Prose 1962-1987
Fortes, Susana
The Albanian Affairs
Frankau, Pamela
A Wreath for the Enemy
Franz, Carlos
The Absent Sea
Gordon, Jaimy
Lord of Misrule
Shamp of the City-Solo
She Drove Without Stopping
Hill, Lindsay
Sea of Hooks
Joyce, Michael
Liam's Going
Liam's Going -- paperback
Kelly, Robert
A Transparent Tree
Cat Scratch Fever
Doctor of Silence
Queen of Terrors
Shame : A Collaboration
The Garden of Distances
The Logic of the World and Other Fictions
Unquell the Dawn Now
Kelly, Robert & Birgit Kempker
Shame : A Collaboration
Kelly, Robert & Brigitte Mahlknecht
The Garden of Distances
Kelly, Robert, Schuldt, Friedrich Holderlin
Unquell the Dawn Now
Kessler, Jascha
Siren Songs & Classical Illusions: Fifty modern fables
Kudlacek, Martina
In the Mirror of Maya Deren
Kurosawa, Akira
Dersu Uzala dvd
Dersu Uzala video
Larbaud, Valery
The Diary of A.O. Barnabooth
Manganelli, Giorgio
All the Errors
Centuria: One Hundred Ouroboric Novels
Matlin, David
How the Night Is Divided
McCord, Howard
The Man Who Walked to The Moon
The Man Who Walked to The Moon, pbk
Walking to Extremes
McEvilley, Thomas
Art & Discontent: Theory at the Millennium
Art & Otherness: Crisis in Cultural Identity
Art, Love, Friendship
North of Yesterday
The Arimaspia
The Triumph of Anti-Art: Conceptual and Performance Art in the Formation of Post-Modernism
Yves the Provocateur: Yves Klein and Twentieth Century Art
McMullan, Margaret
Every Father's Daughter: Twenty-four Women Writers Remember Their Fathers
McPherson, Bruce, editor
Likely Stories: A Collection of Untraditional Fiction
Minkoff, George Robert
In the Land of Whispers
In the Land of Whispers (3 volume set) -- signed, limited edition
The Dragons of the Storm
The Dragons of the Storm -- signed, limited edition
The Leaves of Fate
The Leaves of Fate -- signed, limited edition
The Weight of Smoke
The Weight of Smoke -- signed, limited edition
Mirabelli, Eugene
Renato After Alba
Renato, the Painter
Molinaro, Ursule
A Full Moon of Women
Demons and Divas: Three Novels
Positions with White Roses
Power Dreamers: The Jocasta Complex
The Autobiography of Cassandra, Princess & Prophetess of Troy
The New Moon with the Old Moon in Her Arms
Munsterberg, Hugo
Unspoken Bequest: The Contribution of German Jews to German Culture
Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg)
Hymns to the Night
Ohio, Denise
Ortese, Anna Maria
A Music Behind the Wall, Volume One
A Music Behind the Wall, Volume Two
A Music Behind the Wall, Volumes One and Two
The Iguana
Ramirez, Sergio
A Thousand Deaths Plus One
Divine Punishment
Roether, Barbara
This Earth You'll Come Back To
Rose, Howard
Oak Street Beach
The Marrano
The Pooles of Pismo Bay
Twelve Ravens
Unexpected Eloquence: The Art in American Folk Art
Saroff, Raymond
Claes Oldenburg's "Ray Gun Theater -- 1962"
Claes Oldenburg's "Ray Gun Theater -- 1962" DVD
The Real Thing
Schneemann, Carolee
More Than Meat Joy: Complete Performance Works & Selected Writings
Shaffer, Elinor
Erewhons of the Eye: Samuel Butler as Painter, Photographer, & Art Critic
Shedden, Jim
Shors, John
Beneath a Marble Sky paperback
Beneath a Marble Sky paperback UK
Tovar, Juan
Creature of a Day
Wagstaff, Christopher, editor
A Sacred Quest: Essays on the Life and Writings of Mary Butts
Weaver, William Fense
A Tent in This World
West, Paul
My Father's War
Sheer Fiction, Volume Four
Sheer Fiction, Volume One
Sheer Fiction, Volume Three
Sheer Fiction, Volume Two
Sheer Fiction, Volumes I-IV
Tenement of Clay
Zoline, Pamela
The Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories

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