Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly was born in Brooklyn on September 24, 1935. He attended CUNY and Columbia University, and since 1961 has taught at Bard College. Robert Kelly has authored more than 50 published volumes of fiction, poetry and prose-poems. His 1967 novel The Scorpions first brought him a cult readership. In 1980, his book Kill The Messenger won the Los Angeles Times Book Award; and in 1985, A Transparent Tree received the prestigious Academy-Institute Award from the American Institute of Arts and Letters. He has been poet-in-residence at Tufts University and at the California Institute of Technology. His fiction has been translated variously into Italian, German, and French.

Additional Selections by Robert Kelly

  • Cat Scratch Fever (P)
  • Doctor of Silence (P)
  • The Garden of Distances (C)
  • Queen of Terrors (P)
  • A Transparent Tree (C)


Schuldt lives and works among languages. A poet, he is the author of 15 mostly German volumes, as well as accalimed radiophonic works, and live performances. Having compiled two peculiar New York languages from everyday observations (one American, one German), he is now writing a book in each of them. Three volumes of his work appeared in 1998, including Lustrufe im Garten (Droschl).

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