Carlos Franz

Carlos Franz (b. Geneva, Switzerland, 1959) is the son of a Chilean diplomat and a Swiss actress. He lived in Switzerland until he was 12 years old, when he moved to Chile. He has a degree in Law from the Universidad de Chile, though he has never practiced. Instead, he became a student of José Donoso in writing workshops in Santiago. For seven years he directed the International Book Fair in Santiago; he has also taught literature at the Universidad Diego Portales. In 2000 he received a DAAD grant and spent a year in Berlin as an artist in residence; afterward he passed several years in England, first as a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University and then as an Honorary Research Fellow at King's College, the University of London, before moving to Madrid, where he still resides. He is married, with one daughter.

Books and other writings:
1. El desierto, 2005 [The Absent Sea, 2011]. Awarded the Premio Internacional de Novela del Diario La Nación-Sudamericana in Buenos Aires, by unanimous acclaim of the jury.
2. Santiago Cero (1988). First prize at the IV Concurso Latinoamericano de Novela CICLA.
3. El lugar donde estuvo el Paraíso (1996). First Finalist in the X Premio Internacional de Novela Planeta (Argentina); later made into a film in Spain.
4. Almuerzo de vampiros (2007). Most recent novel.
5. La Prisionera. A collection of short fiction; awarded the Premio del Consejo Nacional del Libro de Chile (2004).
6. La murralla enterrada (2002). A collection of essays; awarded the Premio Municipal de Ensayo, in Santiago, Chile.
Numerous essays and articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, and Italy.

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